Back to the bush, and bright skies beyond


As you can see from the slightly blurry snap above, we now have baby Angoras.

Bean woke up on Friday to Princess and Fatty each in triplicate, both having given birth overnight to boy/girl twins each.  Extreme “maaaaaa-ing” woke Bean at 4am, in his sleepy state, he realised that perhaps the noise was a little louder, more persistent and of a higher pitch than the meeps and bleats we were used to, he rushed out to the goat paddock, and found Fatty with her babies in the leaves under a Litchee tree (babies now named Lychee and Litchee, obviously) and Princess snuggled in a bundle of hay with hers (yet to be named… ideas please?).  We’re now just waiting on the next 8 birthing mothers to start popping the little ones out, so hopefully by the end of the season, our herd will have increased exponentially in size.

Unfortunately, the British bird has deserted the bush, for the cold muddy island also known as the UK.  Although back on “home” ground, the office environment, lack of sunshine and continuous drizzle is not conducive to a chirpy bird.  British bird is very much looking forward to getting back to the bush, meeting the new additions to the herd and enjoying the onset of summer, as today is indeed South Africa’s official “first day of spring” (bringing with it apparently: blue skies, a puff or two of wind, thirty plus temperatures, baby goats, an absence of water in Monzi’s antiquated thirst-quenching system, eskom on load shedding – no power and lettuce in the garden.  What a mix).

Full blog post to follow soon – just thought an update on the Angora situation would be welcomed 🙂